What are the Most Important Features of Sales CRM for Small Business?

Are you a small business looking to bring a sales automation CRM into your workflow?

There may be a good chance that you are overestimating your CRM needs after looking at all the features offered by the big players in the field.

So, what are the most important features of sales CRM for small businesses?

The best CRM sales management platform is one that has just enough features to keep you organized, focused, and productive. (without drowning you!)

There are obviously a number of advantages to CRM implementation. However, several businesses are unaware of the benefits of making the most of sales CRM software for small business.

According to a study, 22% of sales professionals are still uncertain of what a CRM is, and 43% of CRM users only use less than half of their system’s features.

So let’s get started with what is a sales CRM and what are the best features of sales CRM software for small business.