Professional Skills in ACCA SBL Exam

ACCA SBL Exam is for 100 Marks having a duration of four hours. Out of 100 marks, 80 marks are for technical syllabus area knowledge (what you write) and 20 marks are for professional skills (how you write your exam).

Examiner Expects students to write the exam wearing the hat of the role being given in the question and provide responses in an utmost professional manner to every situation given in the case. General professionalism is mentioned in various Examiner Reports issues by ACCA which Students need to ensure while writing the Exam. In addition, the ACCA SBL Exam Syllabus specifically talks about 5 Professional Skills. Each of these professional skills is asked in various questions you will see in the Exam. Writing your solution and ensuring the demonstration of needed professional skill in the question is key to clearing the Exam. Join live sessions as much as possible for updates.