More Than the Moon by AimeeAndren

In a sometimes dog eat dog world (or in this case, fish eat fish), this two-stories-for-one book is designed as an interactive tale to be read with and to the children in your life. Starting on either side, the stories meet in the middle. With concepts and words designed to intrigue, you and your children will enjoy the friendship between Seahorse and Dolphin as the two swim around their most favorite tropical island, discussing the important matters in life. Seahorse and Dolphin are quite different from one another. They are different colors, different sizes, and even different species. But that's not what is important. What's important is that they love one another. More than the moon, more than the stars, and more than the sun. More than the land, more than the sea, and more than the air. Each creature is mesmerized by depth of such great love as the other explains just how important the moon, stars, sun, land, sea and air are. Written with words designed to give you the opportunity to delve a little deeper with your child into the layers of explanation and offer your child age appropriate challenges in words and concepts, all the while enjoying a fun story with captivating illustrations. In this intriguing world under the sea, everyone appreciates one another for their uniqueness, and encourages inclusion. Each story is is told by each character, and your children will relate and appreciate the happiness and security of knowing how special they are to you.