Mastering CRS Points: Your Key to the Canadian Dream

The Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) is like a points system for applicants who want to move to Canada via Express Entry program. You gather points primarily based on such things as your age, education, how nicely you speak English or French, your work experience, whether or not you studied in Canada, and if a Canadian province desires to nominate you.

The greater points you acquire, the better your probabilities of having an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency. The max score you may get is 1,200.

The IRCC regularly holds draws where they invite applicants with the best scores to apply for Canada PR. So, having a high CRS score is extraordinary crucial if you need to move to Canada. Just keep in mind that the score requirements can change with every draw, so that you would possibly need to work on improving your profile to increase your chances of getting an ITA.