Interior Designer in Bangalore – Craftera Design Studio

A Brief About Craftera

Established in 2016 in bengaluru, Craftera Design Studio is a
multifaceted architecture and design practice that is young
and ambitious.
Conceived by Abdul Aleem as the principals along with
Juned Ahmed and Faheem, the studio has grown into a
highly collaborative practice, with a core group of design
associates who bring in varied skill set to the process.

Our Approach

At Craftera Design Studio, we believe in crafting spaces that
are tailor-made to suit the user experience. We truly resonate
with the idea that “Your spaces are supposed to be a reflection
of you”. In a fast-pacing world where the built environment is
becoming more modular, we aim at retaining the warmth and
comfort of the human touch.
We at craftera see design as not just a visual appearance. For
us, It’s more of a thought process and a skill. Ultimately, design
is a tool to enhance our wellbeing.
All our projects, starts with a strategy basically prioritizing the
people staying there, putting human experience at the
beginning of the design process.

Craftera Design Studio – Interior Designer in Bangalore, are group of professional interior decorators with highly skilled project managers. We have been established to become the specialist in providing the premium quality services to our customers in Bangalore and other cities.
Craftera Design Studio – Interior Designer in Bangalore, are a team of highly skilled and prolific designers and interior decor professionals. We believe in the power of design, thus create design-savvy interior spaces that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also very functional in character. If you're looking for an interior designer in Bangalore, your search ends at Craftera Design Studio.