Importance of lightning in your home

As we know the importance of lightning in your house because lightning makes your home more elegant and more beautiful and gives a sassy look. Whenever we decide to do an interior for our home we have to keep in our mind about what types of lighting will look better in your home, the important part is to keep in mind about the quality of light and the quantity of light. So here are some points about the importance of lightning in your house or in your space.
-Good lighting at home or in the office prevents eye strain, which could cause vision loss as well as other problems such as fatigue, headaches, eye strain or stress.
-In addition, poor lighting causes many people to change their posture, especially at work, and adopt incorrect postures that can cause damage or discomfort to the neck, back and even legs.
-When we prepare our home, lighting is one of the first aspects we should consider. And in addition to the light function itself, good lighting has several advantages. But before we show you what they are, it is necessary to briefly distinguish between the different types of light.
-General lighting is, as the name suggests, the main light in our house, which is regularly distributed throughout the surrounding area.
-Local lighting or task lighting is used to illuminate specific places of interest, such as the main table in our dining room.
-And finally, decorative or selective lighting, which illuminates small areas and with which we highlight details such as furniture, paintings or plants.