Gomti bread in Lucknow – Gomti Foods

Experience the unique flavor of Lucknow by trying the best Gomti bread in Lucknow the city is known for!Relish and enjoy baking breads and the use of old and new classical methods of baking with expertise and care for presenting breads that not only tastes good but are symbolic of Lucknow’s breads.

The delicious and healthy breads are prepared from the high quality and fresh ingredients and are baked to the perfection that gives the special joy of eating the possessing of the gourmet and divine qualities. It is like a meal on its own or can be taken with your favorite drinks or accompaniments, a Botswana meal that will leave you wanting more.

Lucknow has many hidden gems in the form of local dishes that capture the essence of their cuisine to date with one of the great pieces of culinary art called Gomti bread.