France LPG Market Development and Demand Forecast Report 2030

The French LPG market is witnessing growth and is projected to reach USD 9,480.3 million by 2030. This growth can be credited to the growing government subsidies and the less upfront price and low storage space needed by LPG boilers.

In recent years, the refinery category had the largest share, in terms of both worth and size, in the France LPG industry, on the basis of the source. This was mainly due to the high-volume manufacturing of petroleum items in factories, where raw oil is treated by fractional distillation and LPG comes out as a by-product.

In the past few years, the bulk category had the larger share, in terms of both worth and size in the industry for LPG, on the basis of product type. This is mainly because bulk LPG is utilized in several applications, such as agriculture, cooking, hot air balloons, and transportation (Autogas).

On the basis of application, the industrial category is projected to experience the fastest development in the French LPG market in the coming few years. This is mainly because LPG is extensively utilized for space and process heating, running industrial ovens, making food, as petroleum in kilns and heaters, making packing materials, and also running forklifts in granaries.