Courses and Placements at RV College of Engineering

RV College of Engineering (RVCE) in Bangalore is renowned for its comprehensive range of engineering courses. The college offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, ensuring students have a wide array of specializations to choose from.
At the undergraduate level, RVCE offers Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) programs across various disciplines. These include Computer Science and Engineering (CSE): Focuses on software development, algorithms, data structures, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE): Covers electronic circuits, communication systems, signal processing, and VLSI design, Mechanical Engineering: Emphasizes the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics.
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE): Deals with electrical systems, circuits, power generation, and electrical machines, Civil Engineering: Involves construction, structural engineering, environmental engineering, and infrastructure development, Information Science and Engineering (ISE): Focuses on managing and analyzing information using technology, database systems, and network security.
Chemical Engineering: Applies chemical processes in manufacturing and production industries, Biotechnology: Integrates biology with technology to develop new processes and products in healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sectors, RVCE also offers several Master of Technology (M.Tech) programs in various specializations, providing advanced technical knowledge and research opportunities. Some of the popular M.Tech programs include:
VLSI Design and Embedded Systems: Focuses on the design of integrated circuits and embedded systems, Computer Science and Engineering: Advanced topics in computer science, software engineering, and data analytics, Power Electronics: Studies related to the control and conversion of electric power, Additionally, RVCE offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) p