Best PE Liner Supplier Near Me

We manufacture and export PE Liners. Our PE Liners are available in different sizes. Are you looking for a PE Liner Supplier Near You?PE Liners also known as Polyethylene bags are mainly categorized into three categories which are HDPE bags, LDPE bags & LLDPE which are increasingly enhanced in constancy polyethylene, Low consistency polyethylene, and linear low-density polyethylene. HDPE bags are lean bags, tough to semi-flexible & good moistness obstacle properties and applications for HDPE bags are injection moldings, flat threads, etc., whereas LDPE bags are delicate, adaptable & have good clearness & applications such as bags, small container sacks, sugar bags, compost bags, garbage bags, shrink wrap, etc. Finally, LLDPE has an enlarged effect and punch resistance & applications for LLDPE are better enactment bags, manufacturing liners, ice backpacks, etc. Are you looking for a PE Liner Supplier Near You? Look no further! Contact Pulkit Plastics today. Get in touch with us: +9190907 99909, email: