Ayung River Rafting In Bali: A Guide To A Thrilling Adventure

Known to have been the first, Ayung River Rafting Bali, is one of the most popular destinations for white river Rafting in Bali. As Bali’s longest river, Ayung River offers a thrilling water adventure with some great sightseeing. The Ayung River rafting valley lies on the northwest of central Ubud and the river runs down approximately 75 kms from the northern mountain area all the way to the Badung Strait at Sanur.
Imagine, cruising along a clear river chute down the valley, passing through some magnificent natural wonders of Bali- lush green rainforests, amidst rice paddy fields and carved stone walls and splashing waterfalls and experience the unusual side to Bali’s spectacular panorama. Sounds exciting? Then check out Bali Trip Packages to plan your Adventure activities in Bali.