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Shiv Puja Ke Niyam | Shiv Puja at Home

On Monday, wake up in Brahmamuhurta and after paying obeisance to Lord Shiva, retire from your daily activities and take bath with water containing Ganga water. After this, spread a... Read More

Know the date and significance of Magh Purnima

Purnima is considered very important in Sanatan Dharma. According to the calendar, Purnima Tithi is celebrated every month. On this day, one gets virtuous results by fasting, bathing, donating, worshiping... Read More

Get Astrological Details from Your Date of Birth

The date of your birth is not simply a coincidence. It was meant to be so that the planetary positions at that particular time would influence you. The specific alignment... Read More

Jane Apne Pichle Janam Ke Karma

In life we ​​often see people appealing for karma. If any untoward incident happens in life, it is blamed on our actions. This proves that somewhere we are a part... Read More

Venus is the lord of two famous zodiac signs: Libra and Taurus. The planet Venus is mainly related to domestic harmony, livelihood and influences matters related to these. Its auspicious... Read More

Shivratri occurs a day before every full moon. Maha Shivratri, in its true form, is a grand culmination of all the twelve monthly Shivratris that occur in a year. A... Read More

What is the effect of the venus Dasha

In Vedic astrology, every planet is a karaka or significator of some specifications in life. E.g., Jupiter is a karaka of education, marriage, children, and wisdom for a native. The... Read More

Astrological Remedies to win Court Case

Astrology remedies bring miraculous results! But you need to be a little patient and have complete faith in them. Sometimes, the results are seen as soon as you finish a... Read More

According to astrology, your birth chart determines your good and bad times. When a person is born, his birth chart is prepared on the basis of planets and constellations in... Read More

Win Court Case With This Powerful Mantra

A mantra is like a special sound or a word you say. Nowadays, scientists believe everything in the world is made of energy vibrating at different levels. And where there's... Read More