A Few Facts to Help You Learn How to Buy Nickel Free Earrings

People whose ears are sensitive to certain metals, mainly nickel, will find it necessary to hunt for and buy nickel free earrings. These are earrings that are safe for use, especially for those whose ears are unable to tolerate even the slightest contact with nickel. However, before you actually buy such earrings you should find out whether the earrings you intend on purchasing are in fact what they say they are. The fact of the matter is that many such earrings may have some form of cheap plating. This plating may itself contain nickel or will wear away with time, exposing under the plating metal containing nickel.

Gold earrings are very popular, and gold is one of the most common metals used in all kinds of jewelry, especially fine jewelry. However, when the gold is a lower carat, chances are good that it contains some nickel. Therefore, be careful to buy only pure gold, otherwise known as 24-carat (24k) gold. Gold of lesser purity tends to be weak, and contains embedded nickel. Contact with this nickel can inflame ear lobes or cause itchy or cracking skin.

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